To strive for Excellence

We have worked consistently to produce the highest quality product for you, our customers and the results are our awards for tea. This is based on the already excellent standard our farmers have cultivated for our ingredients. Handcrafted luxury delivering an authentic multisensory Caribbean experience.

Global Tea Championship 2nd Place

2017 - Caribbean Christmas Tea

Winning Tea –
Caribbean Christmas Tea (A blend of Wild Hibiscus and Anise Seeds)
Single Serve, Herbal Blended Category
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Global Tea Championship 3rd Place

2017 - Mint Tea

Winning Tea – Mint Tea
Single Serve Herbal Category
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EY Entrepreneur of the year

2017 - Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year

Excellence in Manufacturing Awards finalist 2019

2019 - Excellence in Manufacturing Nominee

Award of Excellence

2022 - Award of Excellence in Agripreneurship

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