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Benefits Thyme OverviewThyme, botanically known as , is a perennial garden herb that has been employed since ancient times for medicinal and culinary uses. Thyme has traditionally been associated with courage, with medieval women giving sprigs of thyme to knights going into battle; it has also been used as a herbal remedy for a host …

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Benefits Rosemary Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a fragrant evergreen herb native to the Mediterranean. It is used as a culinary condiment, to make bodily perfumes, and for its potential health benefits. The herb not only tastes good in culinary dishes such as rosemary chicken and lamb, but it is also a good source of iron,calcium, andvitaminB6. …

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Benefits Anise The herbaceous anise plant is a member of the carrot family that may mature to heights as high as three feet. Slim, spindle-shaped roots create grooved stems and leaves which form feathery lobes. In July and August, the plant produces umbels of petite white or yellow flowers having a gently sweet fragrance. At …

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Wild Hibiscus

Benefits Wild Hibiscus Hibiscus sabdariffa, or Roselle, is a shrub belonging to the Malvaceae family. In Iran, it is typically known as sour tea. In English-speaking countries, it is called Red Sorrel. Originally from Africa and now widely naturalized in tropical and subtropical regions of the world particularly in India and Southeast Asia. It is …

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10 reasons why you should drink Moringa Tea 

Benefits 10 reasons why you should drink moringa tea The Moringa plant is beginning to gain more popularity as a new “superfood” for its highly nutritious profile and powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and tissue-protective properties. Moringa oleifera, also known as horseradish tree, ben tree, or drumstick tree, is a small tree from India, Pakistan, and Nepal …

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Benefits Lemongrass Plants commonly called lemongrass (Cymbopogon spp.) have grasslike leaves with a strong, lemony fragrance. Native to Africa and Asia, the plants are used as a culinary flavouring and in perfumes, but they also have medicinal properties. Traditionally consumed as a herbal tea, lemongrass has been recommended by practitioners of traditional medicine for many …

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Benefits Bamboo Teas have long been used as a method for delivering medicinal herbs to the sick, to ease pain, or simply to improve general health. In the 21st century, teas such as bamboo leaf tea are part of the multibillion-dollar nutritional supplement industry. Proponents of bamboo tea claim it has several health benefits, but …

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